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      Hi, I'm Barbara Rivers, author of these e-books and total raw dog food nerd!

      I've been feeding my pups raw dog food since 2015 and received my certification as a raw dog food nutrition specialist from Dogs Naturally Magazine University in early 2020.

      Ask yourself this: Do you want your dog to smell less, have clean teeth, more energy, smaller piles of poop, and a strengthened immune system?

      All of these are the wonderful "side effects" of feeding raw dog food. 

      I've never had to brush my pups' teeth again since feeding them raw, and my home no longer has that typical dog smell either.

      It's truly amazing what a species-appropriate diet of fresh food can do!

      All you have to do is ditch that highly processed dog food and start nourishing your pup with real food! I'll show you how to do that in my e-books.

      This is what you can expect to learn:

      *How much raw dog food does my dog need?

      *What does balanced raw dog food consist of?

      *Meal planners

      *Shopping lists

      *Where to shop for the ingredients

      *Resources and promo codes

      *Hacks to make raw meal prep easier

      *How to handle food allergies

      Refund Policy: Because of the digital nature of my products, there are no refunds, exchanges, or returns available. All sales are final.

      *My raw dog food ebooks make most sense to US readers as the resources used can easily be purchased in the US.*